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Update on contract status with UW Medicine

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re always working to deliver high-quality, affordable care for our employers and members. One way we ensure affordability is a regular review of our provider network contracts. Over the last year, Kaiser Permanente and UW Medicine have been in contract negotiations to address the fees that UW Medicine requires Kaiser Permanente to pay.

As you may know, these negotiations resulted in our network contract with UW Medicine ending for Kaiser Permanente HMO and Medicare Advantage on May 31, 2021. We’ve also not yet reached an agreement on this contract for our PPO; conversation is continuing.

Key items to know:

  • We value our longstanding relationship with UW Medicine and remain hopeful that our ongoing conversations will lead to an agreement.
  • Nothing changes today. Kaiser Permanente PPO members can continue to see UW Medicine providers in-network until September 20, 2021. After that date, if no agreement is reached, UW Medicine will no longer be a contracted provider for Kaiser Permanente Washington’s PPO members. This includes Access PPO, Elect PPO, Summit PPO, Omni PPO, and Options FEHB members.
  • UW emergency services will continue to be an in-network benefit. If additional services are needed following an emergency, members will be directed to Kaiser Permanente resources and/or other providers in our updated network.
  • Regardless of contract status, members with a current authorization can continue care through the authorization period. Members will pay the applicable copayment, coinsurance, or deductible for services as outlined in the Evidence of Coverage benefit summary.

Kaiser Permanente remains committed to ensuring affordable and sustainable delivery of health care for our members. We’ll continue to keep you informed of our ongoing negotiations and ensure that no care needs go unmet.

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