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Time to switch your browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Edge

Microsoft is discontinuing its support of Internet Explorer (IE) in 2021 and encouraging the use of Edge. Kaiser Permanente does not support browsers that are unsupported, so we are also moving away from IE. We suggest producers and employers use Chrome or Edge as their default browser instead.

How will producers and employers be alerted to the change?

Beginning in January, we will post a message as part of the secure sign in on both the producer and employer portals. It will provide a 60-day notification of the change and encourage users to switch to Chrome or Edge as their default browser. Safari or Firefox are other options for Mac users, although we recommend Chrome for best performance on both Mac and PC.

Once the 60 days are up, sometime in March, you will receive an error message if you attempt to sign in using IE. We will announce the exact date of the final switch when it becomes available.

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