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Federal government ending the COVID-19 public health emergency

The federal government has announced plans to end the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11. For everywhere except California, changes will take effect beginning May 11.

What does this mean for Kaiser Permanente members?

We’re reviewing how the end of the public health emergency affects payment and coverage of COVID‑19 vaccines, testing, and treatment. Currently, Kaiser Permanente member costs and coverage  remain unchanged. We believe that the COVID-19 vaccine will be part of our preventive services — like other vaccines — and will continue to be provided at Kaiser Permanente facilities at no cost to our members.

Will free COVID-19 home antigen tests still be available from Kaiser Permanente? And can members still go to pharmacies outside of Kaiser Permanente for vaccines, home antigen tests, and medications to treat COVID-19?

As required by California state law, Kaiser Permanente Commercial and Medicaid members in California can still request up to 8 home antigen tests per month. These can be ordered online for home delivery through or picked up at Kaiser Permanente pharmacy locations. For members outside of California, we’re evaluating how the end of the federal public health emergency, as well as individual state regulatory requirements, may affect how home antigen tests are covered.

Will COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and treatment costs count toward member deductibles?

We believe the COVID-19 vaccine will be part of our preventive services. If so, members won’t incur costs for COVID-19 vaccines administered by Kaiser Permanente.

Note: If a Kaiser Permanente member plan requires a cost share for any test or treatment — including COVID-19 tests and treatment — those costs may count toward their deductible, based on the terms of their plan.

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