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New onboarding email helps eliminate expense surprises

Taking the surprises out of medical care expenses — and boosting retention — are objectives of a new email we’ve just added to our onboarding process. The email is sent to new and renewing members about 45 days after their plan year begins, a time when many members seek care.

Goals of the email are to:

  • Deepen members’ understanding of their plans
  • Prepare members for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Avoid the negative impact of surprise bills
  • Focus on members who have low- and mid-range deductibles and may be less aware of the potential for out-of-pocket costs

The email explains no-cost preventive care, how non-preventive care may have associated copays or coinsurance, and how deductibles work. New members are encouraged to call the New Member Welcome Team before their next medical visit to clarify their coverage and costs. Renewing members are directed to to check their coverage.

In addition to the email, we’re exploring other ways to offer members health care literacy information to improve satisfaction rates and increase retention rates.

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