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Kaiser Permanente Washington premium reconciliation alignment

Kaiser Permanente Washington (KPWA) is aligning our premium reconciliation process with other Kaiser Permanente regions across the organization. Ultimately, this alignment is driven by the effort to enhance the customer experience and prepare KPWA groups for integration into the Kaiser Permanente Membership Connect platform.

With this alignment, employer groups will submit premium payments according to the amount due on their monthly billing statement. Each month, we'll reconcile the group as a whole. The total premium amount due will be compared with the total amount paid. Employer groups can use their billing statement to confirm which members have been included in the total amount due.

Please note:

  • Employer groups that receive a KPWA monthly billing statement will no longer need to provide a premium roster each month.
  • A detailed member-level reconciliation will no longer be provided to employer groups that receive a billing statement each month.

This change will go into effect on April 1, 2022. If you have questions, please contact your sales account manager.

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