Coordinated Care.

Electronic medical records allow doctors, nurses, specialists, and pharmacists to have up-to-the-minute access to your employees’ medical conditions, treatments, and medications. Patients save time and money as redundant tests and drug interactions are avoided.

Preventive Care.

We help your clients be well and stay well by screening for issues early. This prevents more serious problems and more expensive care later. When treatment is needed, we incorporate evidence-based care that’s proven to be effective and efficient.


Doctor visits, X-rays, lab tests, and prescriptions are all under one roof at most of our medical offices. Members can visit their doctors, or access care online, through email, by phone, or at walk-in clinics. Care and coverage questions are handled by the same organization.


The more your employees use Kaiser Permanente doctors and facilities, the lower their total cost of care will be over time.

Shared Decision Making.

Your employees' personal physicians will advocate for their health and coordinate all their care with other providers within the Kaiser Permanente system. Your employees will work together to decide on the best course of treatment when there are pros and cons to various options.


We have our own automated pharmacy service with pharmacies in all of our 25 clinics. Our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee ensures that only the safest, most effective, and least costly medications are available.

1. Washington Health Alliance, 2016 Community Checkup; Ranking applies to then Group Health Cooperative's medical group, formerly named Group Health Permanente, P.C. and now named Washington Permanente Medical Group, P.C.