Higher care quality, lower care costs

Our high-performing health care system1 directly supports your health care investment. For example, our focus on preventive medicine has been proven to reduce absenteeism in the workplace and improve productivity.2

Long-term value

Through population health management we’ve been able to help companies improve employee health and plan performance. We’re constantly working to make your plan as cost-effective and as efficient as possible.

Predictable costs

Our physicians help develop our health plans. So we’re better to anticipate your coverage needs and ways to improve the health of your workforce. This helps to protect you from sudden or unnecessary care costs.

Over a four-year period we saved $46 million below our projected health care costs. $6.5 million of that is directly a result of savings from people choosing Group Health instead of traditional insurance. Another $14.6 million is because people are becoming healthier, and a lot of them because they are getting the early preventive care that Group Health focuses on.
(Group Health is now Kaiser Permanente Washington)
- King County Executive

1. Criteria established by American Medical Group Association
2. "Preventive Services: Improving the bottom line for employers and employees," Compensation & Benefit Review, 2005