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When your clients choose a health plan from Kaiser Permanente, it comes with a robust service that can help lower health care costs — our workforce health solutions.

Our consultants are knowledgeable business partners. Depending on business size and need, our consultants are available — at no additional cost — to strategize with you and your client. Working together, you can develop effective, thoughtful tactics that can have a cascade effect of positive, healthy results for your client’s business and their employees.

Here’s a look at our broad-based approach to tackling the issues affecting the workforce health — and that can help build a culture of well-being at work.


Our account managers can help assess the business need and overall health of your client’s workforce to determine whether they’d benefit from working with one of our experienced workforce health consultants. Our consultants can help to identify the unique solutions that fit your client’s business. This partnership might include identifying appropriate wellness initiatives, creating action plans, or building a larger well-being program.


Data is key to understanding employees’ health attitudes, actions, and behaviors. It can provide the insight your clients need to help their employees thrive. Here’s some of what we offer, depending on business size:

  • Reporting on employees’ engagement with existing health tools and resources
  • Claims data reporting
  • Reporting on the use of preventive services
  • Customized reporting (some offered for a fee) 

We can work with you and your client to determine the services that will have the greatest impact for their employees. And we can connect your clients to services that give their employees the information and support they need to take charge of their health on their own.

  • Evidence-based workshops designed to help members manage chronic health conditions (offered in person and online)
  • Tobacco cessation counseling, including prescription medications
  • On-site services, including biometric screenings and health education classes (coordination offered at no cost; services provided for a fee) 

A culture of well-being doesn’t just happen — it’s developed, promoted, and nurtured. Let your clients know about our online Resource Center. They can find topic-specific tools to help engage their employees.

Interested in a healthier workforce?

Let your account manager or producer know you want to learn more about workforce health at Kaiser Permanente.

Health professionals are on call to give patients the help they need outside the exam room. From advice in the middle of the night to monitoring chronic conditions, it's a service that can help control utilization and costs.

Our care management programs are designed to take care of the whole person, not just a specific ailment or condition. Whether it's a symptom in the middle of the night or a chronic condition that requires ongoing monitoring, we have professionals on call to help.

Consulting Nurse Service

Whether your client's Kaiser Permanente members have an illness, injury, or just want medical advice, the Consulting Nurse helpline is there 24/7. A physician is on-site, too.

Complex Case Management

Kaiser Permanente registered nurses provide phone-based, short-term, focused interventions for employees or covered family members who have chronic or acute conditions. Doctors can recommend this service or members can call case management directly.

Our cross-functional care team ensures that patients are transitioned from one care setting to another efficiently and with compassion. This approach puts patient safety and quality of care first, and helps avoid unnecessary readmissions or Emergency Room visits.

Utilization Review

Using scientific medical evidence, our utilization review team checks to see that employees are receiving appropriate care in the most appropriate setting. This helps manage utilization of services and reduce unnecessary costs. The team follows standards set by national quality committees and state and federal laws—and they review the process and decisions annually.

Kaiser Permanente has specially trained providers and board-certified physicians to get employees back to work when they're injured or become ill on the job. We provide screenings, exams, and more so new employees can start their jobs quickly. Our cost-effective services focus on productivity.

Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job(R), our occupational health service, is another tool in your sales kit and another value-added service for employers. We can provide work-related injury care, employment exams, medical screenings, drug and alcohol testing, and prevention services for anyone–not just Kaiser Permanente members.

We conveniently provide all of this care under one roof at any one of 11 Kaiser Permanente medical offices staffed with specially trained providers and board-certified occupational medicine physicians who are part of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries' Medical Provider Network. In addition to our full range of services, our program also offers extensive case management to keep you in the loop.

Our focus on quality care and thorough communication helps new employees get started quickly and helps existing, valued employees get back to work safely, quickly, and cost effectively. We do our best so that employees and businesses can be at their best.

Screenings and Prevention Services to Meet Your Client's Needs

(fee-based services)

Preventive health care is a major part of Occupational Health Services. With our comprehensive testing and screening services, potentially harmful situations can be identified and dealt with to help your client's employees stay healthy and avoid injury. Kaiser Permanente provides a variety of screening services, from drug testing to industry-required evaluations and worksite exposure exams. Preventive care services include immunizations, travel medicine, screenings for hearing (audiometry), vision testing, and lung function tests (spirometry).

Industry-Specific Physicals and Employment Exams

(fee-based services)

You can select from an array of industry-specific physicals, exams, and evaluations, including the following:

  • Post-offer
  • Return-to-work
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL/DOT)
  • Firefighter
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Online respiratory questionnaire/clearance
  • Emergency medical response
  • Hazardous waste exposure
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Lead exposure
  • Other heavy metal screenings

Additional Drug and Alcohol Tests

In addition to drug testing, we also provide breath alcohol testing and Medical Officer Review.