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Employer newsletter debuts Sept. 7

KP-WA Employer NewsletterA company’s workforce is one of their biggest investments. And recommending a health care partner that keeps employees healthy and thriving contributes to your clients’ success. Healthier employees are happier and more productive. And a healthier workforce typically means lower company and employee health care costs.

By offering both care and coverage, Kaiser Permanente has a unique perspective on how to lower health care costs and keep employees healthier. To pass these insights on to large and small group employers, we’re introducing a digital employer newsletter to the marketplace on Sept. 7. To be published monthly, each newsletter will contain four segments:

  • A blog post from the national office of Kaiser Permanente commenting on pertinent issues concerning large and small business. For instance, initial newsletters will feature posts on the real cost of absenteeism and 6 low-cost wellness ideas.
  • A fast fact citing relevant health and workplace statistics designed to raise awareness about important issues.
  • A free resource for employers. Readers will be able to download valuable programs, guides, and others tools to help promote health and wellness at work. Resources include guides to stress management and how to start a workforce health program.
  • A blog post with tips on health, wellness, fitness, or nutrition that employers can share with their employees. Examples include member perks employees may not know they have and how to get the most out of their health plan.

You can see an advance copy of the first newsletter here. Also, feel free to explore the national Kaiser Permanente business site yourself. You’ll find important information on plans, services, and what make us different and a better choice for your clients.

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