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Help clients create businesses that thrive with our well-being toolkit

The Kaiser Permanente “Starting a Workforce Well-Being Program Toolkit” can help your clients create an organizational culture that promotes well-being. For example, it provides guidance on how to get leadership on board. It also includes several activities your clients can use to help foster a healthy workplace.

The Kaiser Permanente well-being toolkit includes:

  • Fact sheets that cover the 6 areas of well-being (physical, emotional, social, community, financial, and career health)
  • A New Employee Interest Survey that can be used to determine employees’ health interests, giving organizations insight on what they should include in their well-being programs. This survey includes an expanded list of programs and activities with EID (equity, inclusion, and diversity) themes and raises awareness of the importance of an inclusive workplace.
  • Information on how an organization can create, launch, and promote a workforce well-being program, including how to set goals, schedule activities, develop a communications strategy, and more.

Any organization, no matter how big or small, can create a culture of well-being. Workforce well-being is created when people feel connected to the organization's mission and derive a sense of purpose from doing valuable work that positively contributes to that mission every day. This involves creating an environment that engages workers with a sense of purpose, reduces stress, improves resilience, and allows them to work more productively and thrive in other areas of their life. Help your clients by sharing this road map to a successful workforce well-being program.

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